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Plum Buildings is a design-oriented drafting and construction management studio. We are here to support you in your renovations, additions, and new ground-up constructions. Both partners have lifelong roots in the Hudson Valley and deeply appreciate its beauty. Our vision is centered on integrating built spaces into the landscape. Our designs emphasize natural features of the land, highlight regional vernacular, and tread lightly on the earth. While placing equal importance on style and constructibility, we always maintain an awareness of our clients’ budgets. Our love of both modern and traditional design enables us to bring flexibility to meet our clients’ visions.

We are not licensed architects or engineers. We use third-party licensed architects and engineers whenever required or otherwise appropriate, and provide our clients with full transparency as to their involvement in the development process and their payment for these services.

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Lowell studied architecture at the University of Buffalo, graduating in 2011. Before beginning to practice design, Lowell gained firsthand understanding of construction by working as a carpenter.  During this time he also took frequent breaks to travel widely around the country, where he began to acquire an appreciation for the different regional styles and forms of architecture, and to contemplate how style creates and reinforces a sense of place. A summer spent living in an 18th century farmhouse kindled a deep appreciation for the simple beauty, functionality and durability of traditional methods of building and design.

In 2015 Lowell returned to his native Hudson Valley region of New York State and has been working as a designer there ever since.


After graduating from Pitzer College in 2011, Jesse apprenticed under architects focused on environmentally-conscious construction methods including Michael Reynolds (Earthships), Eugene Tssui (Biologic Design), and at the school of Nader Khalili (Cal-Earth). He then spent time in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley, learning a handful of CAD programs. With the desire to gain more hands-on experience, he began working as a carpenter, and later in furniture manufacturing, and production/event design. Since moving back to the Hudson Valley in 2019, Jesse has come full circle, drafting homes that fit into our locale and ecosystem.

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